(What felt like a) Life of Pi

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December 11, 2012 by Craig Sutherland

I was lucky enough to attend a preview of Ang Lee’s newest creation yesterday, Life Of Pi. After reading all of the hype in Total Film & Empire, (Both gave it 5/5) i was expecting big things.

The screen was packed and as with most previews, there were no trailers. So, it was right in to the action, We find an author looking for inspiration for his new book, he is told to seek out Pi Patel who has the greatest story ever told by a cast away (Well, since Cast Away, 2000), I’m not going to give away much more plot-wise but there are Sinking Ships, Zoo Animals, Mysterious Islands and Sharks.

Technically, the film is superb, All the visuals jump off the screen. As with all Ang Lee films, The cinematography, is clean and undiluted. The film strives to make the unreal real in the most subtle of ways and it achieves that goal at every turning, there is a scene with thousands of Meerkats that actually made me consider if it was real or just CG. 

My biggest problem with Life Of Pi is that it didn’t make me cry… And I’m a MASSIVE baby, I didn’t feel as though I went on emotional journey, i felt like i was just being told the story, I had no empathy for Pi Patel and the whole experience left me wanting…

In conclusion, Life Of Pi is very well made film and if you can connect with Pi Patel, you are on to a winner. If, like me you were hoping to connect with someone on a great voyage whilst being blown away by incredible visuals then should probably break out your Avatar Blu-Ray.

Overall 3/5


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