Top 5 Movie Monologues


February 25, 2013 by Craig Sutherland

There’s nothing better than seeing an actor tearing through a brilliantly written monologue, here’s a celebration of some of the best…


5) Victor’s Monologue from The Rules Of Attraction is Hyped-Up, Drug-Addled diary of depravity from Victors summer in Europe, it’s a little too long to quote. Have a look here…

4) Marlon Brando‘s “It was you Charley” Speech from On the Waterfront, Brando schools a generation on how to deliver script in this scene…

3) Quint’s Speech in Jaws. I might be biased but Jaws is one of my favorite films and this scene changes the entire tone of the film…

2) Will Hunting’s reasoning why he shouldn’t work for the NSA in Good Will Hunting, there are many great pieces of script in Good Will Hunting but this really highlights Will’s arrogance and contempt for authority…

1) There could only be one number one and it was always going to be Jules from Pulp Fiction striking down vengeance and furious anger…


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Movie Monologues

  1. Rich says:

    Tarantino & Jackson do rule, but his redemptive reprise of the monologue at the end in the diner is even better.

  2. How could you miss out Sally’s orgasm monologue in When Harry Met Sally?

    OK, I accept it’s not long on vocabulary (essentially made up of Oooh, and Yes, yes, yes) but it’s a great moment in movie history. And followed by a wonderful punch line.

  3. Sallee says:

    Of course, there are not any with women.

    • Craig says:

      Sorry Sallee, I was not purposely being sexist I just guess as a guy I identfy with male leads more. If you want to compile a list of 5 of the best Female monolouges and post it to the blog as guest comtributor that would be awesome! Let me know if that sounds good to you and I’ll send you out an invite…

  4. Helen Bang says:

    James Stewart as George Bailey, telling the Board of the Bailey Building and Loan exactly why his late father was a great man and Mr Potter is a leech on society (I paraphrase). Fantastic.

  5. Sarah Nelson says:

    Edward Norton’s mirror diatribe in Spike Lee’s 25th Hour is a worthy mention!

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