Ryan Gosling: The Lowdown


June 7, 2013 by Craig Sutherland

Ryan Gosling was born on November 12, 1980, in London, Ontario, to Thomas and Donna Gosling, and was the second of their two children.

First break came in January 1993 when open auditions were held in Montreal for “The All New Mickey Mouse Club”.

Was taken out of elementary school as a child and taught at home by his mother because of constant abuse from other students.

Was in a relationship with Sandra Bullock, having met on the set of Murder by Numbers (May 2002-July 2003).

Has released a song titled “Put Me in the Car,” which can be found on his Web site. Check out his band Dead Mans Bones here.

Built the kitchen table featured in The Notebook in preparation for his role as Noah.

With two of his friends, he has opened a Moroccan restaurant called Tagine in Beverly Hills, California.

Was in a relationship with Rachel McAdams twice, having met on the set of “The Notebook”. They were originally together from June 2005 to July 2007 before reconciling in August 2008, only to separate a second time in November 2008.

In preparation for his role in Drive, Ryan Gosling restored the 1973 Chevy Malibu that his character uses in the film.

According to Ryan Gosling, all his bank robbery scenes in the film The Place Beyond The Pines were done in one take.

Half Nelson: Dan (Gosling) picking up the cat before going into Frank’s house was unrehearsed. Ryan Gosling saw the stray cat during the filming to the scene, and picked it up. Because Dan’s cat died a few scenes before, the filmmakers thought it was perfect for the film and put it in the final cut.

Ryan Gosling has his own Meme ‘Hey Girl’, Take a look here

Source: IMDB

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