Who is the toughest Horror Icon? Match I


June 11, 2013 by jamiehughes2013

For as long as people have been watching horror movies they have been wondering who would win in a fight between the various horror monsters.

Freddy vs Jason, Dracula vs The Wolfman, some of these fights would be quite close with both icons getting injured. Here is a tournament where they need to take their injuries into the next round. Who would win out of Chucky and a Creeper who’s arms have been ripped off?

Match 1

Capt Spaulding vs Puppet Masters Puppets: Blade, Pinhead & Tunneller.

The match starts off with Tunneller in the ring with the Killer Clown whilst Blade & Pinhead watch from the corner ready to get tagged in at any point.

Capt Spaulding stands proud in the middle of the ring, Tunneller circles him with the drill on top of his head beginning to spin. Capt leaps out and tries to stamp on the puppet but tunneler dives out of the way just in time.

Tunneller puts his head down and charges at Capt but instead of finding a leg or ankle his is greeted with a size 14 army boot, the force of the kick send toulon’s creating over to his corner where he manages to tag in Pinhead.

Capt smiles at his new opponent and goes to kick him too, unfortunately Spaulding miscalculated how strong this new puppet is and suddenly he finds himself on the floor with Pinhead climbing on his head and smashing on his chest.

Spitting out blood the crazy clown manages to push Pinhead off and stamps on him. Taking advantage of the stunned puppet Spaulding starts throwing the doll around whist taunting his team mates. With Pinhead unconscious Capt holds him up just out of tag range of the frustrated puppets and before their very eyes Spaulding bites the head off the puppet dropping the beheaded body to the floor.

Blade’s turn next and he slowly stalks the killer of his friend. As Spaulding reaches for him Blade runs between his legs and slashes both his achilles tendons while running past. Capt falls to the floor screaming and swearing. Blade stands next to the screaming Clowns head and slashes his check. He then tags in Tunneller.

Tunneller stands at the opposite side of the ring and lowers his head as his drill starts to spin. Spaulding begs for his life but the pissed off puppet gives no indication he heeds the pleads and he runs at the floored Capt and drills straight into his temple.


Puppet Master Puppets: Blade & Tunneller.

Here is the rest of the draw…



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