Never got the chance to see all the Rocky films?

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July 5, 2013 by Craig Sutherland

Here’s your handy one paragraph guide so you can blag it…

Rocky, a southpaw boxer from Philadelphia get’s a chance to fight Heavyweight Champion of the world Apollo Creed in an exhibition fight. He loses by split decision (Rocky 1976). Rocky gets a chance to fight Apollo again, trains really hard and has a baby, Wins the fight (Rocky II 1979). Rocky fights a lot of average fighters including Hulk Hogan, beats them all, gets challenged by Clubber Lang (Mr T), Clubber accidentally kills Rocky’s trainer, Rocky  fights Clubber, loses badly, gets Apollo to train him, gets back eye of the tiger, fights Clubber and wins (Rocky III 1982). Apollo fights Russian fighter Ivan Drago, Drago kills Apollo, Rocky trains for what seems like an eternity, fights Drago in Russia, he not only beats Drago, he wins over the Russian crowd and gives a ridiculous victory speech (Rocky IV 1985). Rocky is skint, back in Philly he works in his old gym, trains a new fighter Tommy Gunn, Tommy beats the guy who inherited the Heavyweight title after Rocky retired, Tommy is hounded by reporters who say Rocky is still the champ so he has a street fight with Rocky and Rocky Wins (Rocky V 1990). Rocky sees a computer generated simulation of a fight of him with the current champ Dixon, Rocky loses. Rocky at 50 years old gets a fight with Dixon, he loses the fight by split decision (Rocky Balboa 2006)

There you have it, all the Rocky films in one neat paragraph…


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