Who is the toughest Horror Icon: Match III


July 5, 2013 by jamiehughes2013

For as long as people have been watching horror movies they have been wondering who would win in a fight between the various horror monsters.

Freddy vs JasonDracula vs The Wolfman, some of these fights would be quite close with both icons getting injured. Here is a tournament where they need to take their injuries into the next round. Who would win out of Chucky and a Creeper whose arms have been ripped off?

Match III:    Chucky vs Pennywise

Chucky waits in the ring for his opponent. Circus music plays and Pennywise performs a funny little walk on his way to the squared circle, handing out balloons to children as he goes.

The bell rings and as Chucky walks towards the dancing clown Pennywise stops him and blows up a balloon, he offers it to the doll. Chucky refuses and Pennywise asks him why he does not like it as all children like clowns. “I’m not a child” Chucky screams and runs at Pennywise who does a funny like sidestep which results in the good guy doll flying out of the ring. Once again Pennywise does a funny dance. Chucky climbs under the ring apron and find that one of the bolts holding up the ring is loose, he looks around and quickly unscrews it with his stubby plastic fingers.

After no sign of Chucky coming back into the ring, Pennywise lays on the ring floor with his head over the side and pulls up the apron to find Chucky waiting for him with a metal bolt in hand, he then rams the bolt into Pennywise’s right eye, then before pennywise can move his left eye suffers the same fate. The blind clown quickly gets to his feet but Chucky is right behind him and jams the small piece of metal into his heel forcing Pennywise to his knees.

Pennywise then offers to make Chucky or “The Littleboy” as he calls him, a balloon animal. This causes Chucky to get even more angry and Chuck jumps on the helpless clown and pushes the bold into the eye socket again but this time an bright white light shines out of Pennywise’s eyes and mouth, he stops moving and referee Norman Bates declares the Killer clown is dead.

Winner: Chucky

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