Who is the toughest Horror Icon: Match IV


July 5, 2013 by jamiehughes2013

For as long as people have been watching horror movies they have been wondering who would win in a fight between the various horror monsters.

Freddy vs Jason, Dracula vs The Wolfman, some of these fights would be quite close with both icons getting injured. Here is a tournament where they need to take their injuries into the next round. Who would win out of Chucky and a Creeper whose arms have been ripped off?

Match IV: Creeper vs Jason Voorhees

Jason stands in the ring with his machete, he looks around for any sign of his opponent. There is a high pitched shriek and Creeper flies in, he picks up Jason and drops him. Jason gets back to his feet and Creeper lands in front of him. Jason sees that his machete is on the floor behind Creeper. Creeper smiles and makes another pass at Jason this time grabbing him and dropping him from a huge height.

Jason gets to his knees and sees the winged monster perched on one of the ring posts. This time just as Mrs Voorhees’ little boy gets to his feet, Creeper pounces on him and starts to eat at his throat. Jason reaches out and manages to grab hold of his machete, he strikes his attacker with it and is free to get up. The wounded creeper lets out a loud screech and swoops at Jason once again but this time Jason moves and brings down his weapon with perfect timing. A severed wing falls to the floor. Creeper, now flightless, runs at Jason knocking him to the floor and hitting the machete away from him.

With Creeper biting at Jason once again, the worst swimmer in the history of Crystal Lake uses his strength to bend over the creature that’s feasting on him, snapping his back. He then grabs his head and squeezes it until one of the Creepers stolen eye balls shoots out into the crowd. The commentator exclaims “A lucky spectator will be going home with a souvenir tonight”.

The Creeper falls to the floor dead as Jason picks up him machete and stands victorious in the centre of the ring.

Winner Jason Voorhees

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