9 Reasons Why ‘The Goblet Of Fire’ Is The Best Harry Potter Film


July 6, 2013 by Craig Sutherland

Goblet of fire is the fourth instalment in the Harry Potter series, Directed by Mike Newell and starring pretty much every British actor/actress of all time. Anyway, here’s why it’s the best stand-alone Harry Potter film.

  • The Goblet Of Fire is the first film to open with a non-Harry-centric scene and it’s a good one!
  • Harry’s hair…

I mean, look at at those flowing locks, it’s like a L’Oréal advert.

  • For all the Twilight fans, R-Patz is in the film as Cedric Diggory

For all the Twilight haters, *Spoiler* He dies…

  • The Quidditch World Cup, other than life with the Dursley’s we don’t see much of what goes on outside of Hogwarts & The Ministry of Magic, So it’s nice to get a glimpse into the side of wizard life.

  • David Tennant’s performance as Barty Crouch Jr and his snake-like licking of his lips.

  • The Goblet Of Fire is the first appearance of Ralph Fiennes as that loveable rouge, Voldemort. He did all right for himself as well.

  • The Yule ball band consists of members from Pulp and Radiohead, that’s pretty decent right?

  • Filtch dancing with Mrs Norris is possibly the greatest thing about the entire film…

  • All in all, I think that Goblet’s appeal is that it is a stand-alone film in the series, you don’t really have to have seen the first three to enjoy this one, couple that with the fact that it’s basically a sports film with Harry competing against the other schools and Mike Newell’s decision to streamline the story and drop a lot of bit-players from the book to make a more streamlined film, you have a recipe for the strongest film in the series.
Agree? If not tell us your favourite film in the Harry Potter franchise in the comments box!

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