Is Kick-Ass 2 Worthy Of Your Money This Weekend?

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August 15, 2013 by Craig Sutherland

When Kick-Ass came out in 2010 it was a breath of fresh air in the super-hero genre that was taking itself a bit too seriously. Since Kick-Ass we have seen Super (James Gunn’s awesome regular guy turns super-hero film) and Chronicle (Kids get super powers from an alien ship/meteor).


Has the Kick-Ass appeal died off? Will Kick-Ass 2 have the same bite it’s predecessor? Well, the critics reviews are in…

”If there is to be another episode, it must surely be a Wolverine-style solo outing for Chloë Moretz’s Hit-Girl. She is the real star.” – Peter Bradshaw (Guardian)

“Kick-Ass 2″ is a lesser version of what it appears to be, an uncertain jumble rather than a true exploration of outrage, violence and identity.” – Mark Olsen (LA Times)

“Kick-Ass 2″ improves on its 2010 predecessor in at least one respect: It doesn’t make the mistake of trying to pass off its bone-crunching brutality as something shocking or subversive.” – Justin Chang (Variety)

Total Film gave it 3/5 saying…

”A fun if sporadically schizoid return to one of the brighter, brasher comic-bookers of recent years. Now, about that Hit Girl spin-off…” – Matt Risley

And Empire agreed with 3/5, they said…

‘A more modest success than the first Kick-Ass, but still of-a-piece with its scurrilous predecessor. Nobody flies a jet-pack up a skyscraper this time, but Kick-Ass 2 still has its share of over-the-top action, and the sweary laughs are just about intact.’ – Owen Williams

The reviews suggest that Kick-Ass 2 is a solid film that is as good as the original. My suggestion is that if you like your films violent with blood, guts and choice words then pay your money and munch your popcorn because Kick-Ass 2 does exactly what it say it say on the tin… (Also, Go read the fucking comics!)


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