7 Awesome Alternative Xmas Films

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December 28, 2013 by Craig Sutherland

So it’s Xmas time and everybody is banging on about It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf & Miracle On 34th Street but you like your films with just a touch of Christmas spirit this list is for you!

Die Hard

It’s the real mans xmas film, packed full of xmas tunes and guns. What more could you need? Oh yeah, McClain’s wife is called HOLLY, get it?

Edward Scissorhands 

Xmas is a time where you help the unfortunate and spread Christmas cheer, that’s exactly what the townsfolk of Tim Burtons fairy-tale do until Edward goes off the rails and goes on a kill crazy rampage. Well, not quite, just watch it.


Little creatures running around tearing the place apart… sounds like a normal family Christmas where I come from…

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Do you watch it at Halloween or Xmas? Just watch it on both and you’ll know ALL the words to the kick-ass songs faster!

Eyes Wide Shut

If Kubrick did Xmas… put granny to bed before sliding this in the Blu-Ray player as I’m sure she won’t appreciate seeing Nicole Kidman’s flange when she’s tucking into her turkey sandwich.

Batman Returns

Appearance number 3 for Mr Tim Burton and probably the worst film of the three but it’s pretty hard making a list like this so we needed some filler…

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

A Christmastime murder-mystery with an actor and a gay detective. Slightly off the radar, but you can basically watch any Shane Black film and get a Xmas buzz, see Iron Man 3, The Last Boy Scout, Lethal Weapon & The Long Kiss Goodnight.


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