Money Talks…but can it act?

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January 27, 2014 by heligena


Money Talks…But Can It Act

If you’re like me (…and I think you probably are) you find yourself daydreaming at work, struggling to answer the great movie questions of the ages. Things like…has a kitchen-sink drama ever actually been set entirely in a kitchen sink? Or why does the gaffer not get paid the most since he’s clearly the boss?

But today’s great question, inspired by The Wolf of Wall Street, is this…Money Talks but can it act?
Let’s pick some examples and find out…

Tuppence Middleton- not a major denomination to be sure, but the twenty six year old British actress is gaining great word of mouth reviews after playing movie roles in Trance and Tormented whilst also showing up in tv hits Black Mirror and Spies of Warsaw. Known as Tupps to her friends, she may not buy you much in these harsh economic times but with three films in post-production right now, she’s sure to gain interest as she goes.
• Donnie Yen– also known as stuntman and actor extraordinaire! Well into his fifties now, Donnie Yen is an expert in Tai Chi and Wushu, which has led him to fabulous acting roles in solid fare such as Ip Man, Hero and Blade II. He has also been described by Michelle Yeoh as the fastest martial artist she has ever worked with, which let’s face it, is no faint praise. So again, he may not be up there with the grand Russian oligarchs in terms of monetary value but he’ll rip your head off if you dare turn your nose up at him. Fact.
Randy Quaid-…you know him, don’t you? The mad-eyed fool who shows up in both Independence Day and Kingpin? What you might not know is that he has both a golden globe and a SAG award nomination tucked safely under his belt too for stellar performances playing Lyndon Johnson in LBJ: The Early Years and Joe Aguirre in Brokeback Mountain . A shade under six foot five this crazy guy has had an arrest warrant put out on him, been banned for life from the Actor’s Equity Association and was also Oscar nommed at the age of 21 for his movie The Last Detail with Jack Nicholson. What we have here then, ladies and gentleman is the old school Hollywood wildchild… and that is a currency that just won’t quit.
• CCH Pounder – (or to quote her mum when she’s been naughty- ‘Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder’)- this actress is that familiar screen face you can’t place, the one with the unrecognisable name. Pounder’s a workhorse though- with over 124 acting credits to her name. Covering everything from teen fare (Mortal Instuments) through abject geekery (Avatar) and straight up horror (Orphan) she has range oozing out of her pores which ain’t bad for a girl raised on a sugar plantation in Guyana. And while it may be true that her namesake may get you little more than a cheap burger at Maccy D’s please don’t put her down, she’s worth more than just a fatty fix.
• James Franco- really needs no explanation right? The cool kid from Paul Feig’s Freaks and Geeks and the hot guy from just about every other film since (excluding possibly Spring Breakers in which he was just freaking nuts) Franco’s got the movie biz covered. Hell he even paints and publishes poetry in his spare time when he’s not sawing off his own arm. So …multi-talented, boasting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and owning his own production company (Rabbit Bandini productions which has eight films slated to appear in 2014) he’s basically the one thing you definitely wouldn’t mind finding in the pocket of your old coat.

So, there we have it. Conclusive proof that money does in fact act as well as talk. And kicks some ass too.
Oh and if anyone’s got any other names to add to the list…bring ‘em on down, son!

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