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December 6, 2014 by heligena

constantine There’s always new stuff springing up out there on the mysterious ol’ Interweb. That’s kind of why we love it. Sure, you may have to wade through a sea of selfies and Starbuck’s Instacoffee shots to find the best up-and-coming phenomena but once you stumble across one of these unexpected gems it’s totally worth it right? For that glowing sense of satisfaction that you’re one of the chosen few that happened to discover some new and secretly awesome show? Anyways, as fellow humble/nerdy explorers we thought we’d offer you a shortcut to a couple of fab new things that we’ve happened across recently and needed to be shared with you, our favourite people. So here are our picks for the stuff that needs more viewers and followers, like, right now. 1) Constantine- a new series adaptation of the comics available to watch on Amazon Prime/Lovefilm… Now you may have missed this if you’re one of the Netflix converts since it’s produced by their big old glowering rivals but if you are able to catch it, we think it’s seriously worth a look. A lot more faithful than the Francis Lawrence movie (for one thing the lead character is blonde, British and sassy as they come), it’s darker than you might think and opens with an innocent girl’s soul being dragged to hell. If that sounds a little bleak you’d be right but the tone of the show is equal parts humour and desolation (very Whedonesque actually BtVS fans) so it’s not all doom and gloom. And the CGI is pretty impressive for a non-TV syndicated show too. So if you do have access to this series you should think about checking it out. BEST EP SO FAR: S1 Ep4 A Feast of Friends…this one has a sucker punch ending. Oosh. carmilla2) Carmilla- web series sponsored by Kotex on YouTube (hosted on vervegirl’s channel) So, a web series based on a gothic novella from Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (published 1871!) about a female vampire and her intended conquest Laura Hollis. Sounds crazy, right? Well it kind of is! Transplanting the original setting to a modern day college dorm room where Laura’s roommate Betty mysteriously disappears to be replaced by the equally mysterious Carmilla, the series has turned out to be a quirky, quotable comedy/drama with smarts as well as supernatural charm. The characters are refreshing, the writing solid and the whole thing is just…incredibly cute. Oh and as if that wasn’t enough, if you follow any of the actors on Twitter and Tumblr (Kaitlyn Alexander, Elise Bauman, Natasha Negovanlis…) you’ll also find them to be as big a fan of the series as we are and happy to chat to anyone about the show! BEST EP SO FAR: Ep 36…just because…well, squeeeee! 3) Dream to Screen- a short film competition sponsored by Cineworld and supported by the Jack Petchey Foundation. dream to screen# Now, it’s true the winner of this competition has already been announced and big congratulations to Sarah Grant for her awesome short The Cyclist from all of us here. But the five shorts as written and directed by the finalists are all still up on the website for you to take a gander at ( and they show real cinematic promise from the youngsters involved. It’s a great cause guys and has produced some cracking efforts in the underrated short film genre so if you’re a movie fan or even an aspiring director/writer then check them out if you’ve got a minute. You won’t regret it. BEST SHORT: Any of them…they were made by teenagers! Christ, I feel old. 4) Podcasting Authors- Gotta be honest, this is a whole new medium we’ve never really paid much attention to until quite recently so we hold our hands up on that one. But authors podcasting their novels in chapters without involving the middle-man/ elitist publishing world seems like a pretty cool idea for getting your concept out there to the masses to us and we applaud it to the max. podcasting Of course, there’s a million authors and podcasting sites we could list here and you may not be a fan of the audio experience when it comes to literature but if you do want to start out with someone as a gateway to the whole scene then you could do worse than try something like Tee Morris’s works on or podcasting author/sensation Scott Sigler’s website for old classics or excerpts of his new sci fi adventure. Go forth, foundlings and discover a whole new world…you may just find yourself a home you never knew existed! And finally… 5) Zombie Bears!- a kickstarter campaign for a comic book series with the tagline ‘The Walking Dead Meets the Care Bears!’ Seriously now, did you see that tagline! How could you not want to check this out?! We actually picked up a hard copy of the initial run of Zombie Bears back at Comic Con last year and loved the whole Western-tinged fluffy gorefest immediately. According to the latest on the website ( the creative geniuses behind the series have already reached their target amount of £3000 but that is no excuse not to show your support, happy people. zombie bears They’ve got a solid concept, a niche to fill in the creative market and they need all the followers they can get so go have a look at their wares and drop them a line if you like what you see. Comments cost nothing and they’re guaranteed to make the author’s day a hundred times better than it already was! Also, did we mention they are teddy bears. That are zombies. Zombie Bears. This shit really sells itself. So there you have it, a few sneaky tips on new Internet stuff to sink your teeth into. As always, feedback is loved so let us know if you disagree or if you’ve caught something we haven’t mentioned that needs to be included in the list! Vive la revolucion!

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