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December 7, 2015 by heligena

We know you. We know the struggles you’ve been having trying not to buy into the latest TV trends hitting the headlines, trying to stop yourself from becoming part of the gelatinous mainstream. And indeed, we feel you.

But…We also have a responsibility on this site to explain why in fact you should give yourself over to a few of those shows that deserve your well-earned time.

So if you’re tired of the struggle and need some legit reasons to lose yourself in the newest series right now… Don’t you worry. We’ve got some reasons for you, dude…

No harm, no foul.



Current imdb rating: 8.6


  • Reason To Watch Number One: Ok so, Jessica Jones the newest Marvel kid on the block has been created by Melissa Rosenberg. And not only does she share a surname with one of the coolest nerds in the Buffyverse she cut her teeth writing and producing zeitgeisty shows like The OC and, Party of Five. But…before you switch off because teen angst ain’t your thing, she also worked her ass off on darker shows like Dexter and Dark Skies. So what does that mean exactly? Well basically that she’s got the chops to deliver heart-of-darkness as well as quality sass and snappy dialogue at the same time as heart wrenching drama. All the tools Jessica needs in her arsenal to take down the big bad in New York City.
  • Reason Two: The title sequence is a beautifully seedy noiresque trip and uses the artwork of David Mack, a real life comic book artist and writer (so feel free to check out Echo, his addition to the Marvel Universe.)


  • Reason Three: Let’s be fair, you don’t often see a comic book hero who suffers from a real mental health issue like PTSD and one which isn’t easily resolved through some well meaning acts of valour. Props for this.
  • Reason Four: The cast contains a slew of actors that have contributed to our current cinematic cultural landscape (including but not limited to films and shows like The Matrix, Transformers, Doctor Who and True Detective)
  • Reason Five: Visual effects for the series were made by the New York studio Shade VFX, who also worked on Daredevil. And the results are top notch.


  • Reason Six: Luke Cage’s bar in the show is the same filming location as the Rosato-Brothers Bar from The Godfather: Part II (1974). Which is movie nerd/trivia awesome.


Not convinced? Ok then try this one on for size…


MR ROBOT: (Amazon Prime)

Current imdb rating: 8.9


  • Reason To Watch Number One: Each episode title ends in a video file name extension which is just plain cool. And if you’re looking for a new drinking game you could do worse than take a shot for each video file you’ve played on a laptop or tablet over the years (drink responsibly yo!)
  • Reason Two: The show has a killer soundtrack including cool-as-f*** bands like Sonic Youth, The Cure and O’ Dirty Bastard, perfectly conveying the loneliness and isolation Elliott feels so overwhelmingly threatened by.


  • Reason Three: Showrunner and creator Sam Esmail has been working on this idea for a solid fifteen years and when he finally got the financial backing, he consulted real life hackers and IT security personnel to give the writing a sense of authenticity. And that’s one thing this show has in spades- realism.
  • Reason Four: While not everyone is a fan of the voiceover (it’s often called lazy writing by those who claim to know ‘real’ writing) there’s a twist in the tale with this shows narrative choice that’s guaranteed to make those critics eat their words.
Mr. Robot - Season 1

MR. ROBOT — “da3m0ns.mp4” Episode 104 — Pictured: (l-r) Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, fsociety — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/USA Network)

  • Reason Five: The show will make you question your entire life on social media and the internet. Like seriously, even posting this is making us nervous right now in case we’re being hacked/stalked while it uploads…
  • Reason Six: All kinds of language are used in the series- binary, LINUX code, Swedish, Danish lending it a truly international appeal especially with the eclectic cast including a fantastic Rami Malik and Patrick Batemanesque Martin Wallstrom. Seriously, trust us, it’s far from your standard US fare.



No? Not biting? Still resisting?

Fine, fine. We’ve still got one more case to make and this one’s for…


Master of None (Netflix)

Current imdb rating: 8.5


  • Reason To Watch Number One: Whereas Jessica Jones and Mr Robot come complete with intricate plots and painful backstories, Aziz Ansari’s first turn as creator is a simple observational affair, almost Lena Dunham-esque in its construction. As shown by the effortless tagline, ‘This is Dev. He has lots of questions.’ You want clean concept? You got it.
  • Reason Two: Aziz couldn’t find anyone who fit the roles when casting for his characters parents so he convinced his own to play them. The results are stilted and ridiculous and totally hilarious. (Side Note: Ansari’s brother was also a staff writer on the show making it a real honest to goodness family affair.)


  • Reason Three: We will admit this, the first episode is weak in terms of design and dialogue and we’re sure that a lot of people gave up the ghost afterwards. But if you can hang on until episodes two and three the series picks up grabbing your attention more and more; especially when more serious subjects are introduced to the plot. So yeah, it’s a grower rather than a straight-outta-the-gate thing but it loses nothing because of that. And you can’t tell us some of the best people you’ve dated didn’t strike you as a little meh when you first met them.
  • Reason Four: If you were one of us who didn’t know Short Circuit II’s shameful casting secret then one particular episode of this show will blow your brain wide open.
  • Reason Five: Alan Yang who co-created the series with Ansari was an executive producer and story editor on both Parks & Rec and South Park. The guy’s got previous. And calibre. A lot of calibre.


  • Reason Six: Both Dev and Arnold from the show directed multiple episodes, keeping the production character based and intimate. And in a vast sea of televisual excess (Game of Thrones, we’re looking at you…) the smaller scale makes a really refreshing change these days.



Alright, well we’re done trying to convince you. If you don’t wanna watch them, totally don’t do it. But if we’ve whet your appetite even a little while you’re perched up there on the fence then we’ve pretty much done our job for today…


And you’re welcome! Obv.

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