Who is the toughest Horror Icon: Match V


July 19, 2013 by jamiehughes2013

For as long as people have been watching horror movies they have been wondering who would win in a fight between the various horror monsters.
Freddy vs Jason, Dracula vs The Wolfman, some of these fights would be quite close with both icons getting injured. Here is a tournament where they need to take their injuries into the next round. Who would win out of Chucky and a Creeper whose arms have been ripped off?
Match V: Dracula vs Leatherface
Leatherface runs into the ring with Chainsaw in hand. He revs it around the ring and stands waiting for his opponent. The lights dim and there is a sound of something flying around the arena. A thick mist sweeps over the ring, Leatherface hold up his petrol powered weapon ready to strike. He turns as he hears movement behind him. Nothing. He turns back to see the vampire right in front of him. He goes to swing his chainsaw but the blood sucker hits it out of his hand and effortlessly picks the cannibal up by his throat and throws him out of the ring, he disappears into the mist.
Dracula levitates out of the ring and hovers over the mist. Suddenly a hand pounces out of the mist and grabs the Prince of Darkness’s leg. Dracula tries to shake his leg free but in the blink of an eye Leatherface revs up the chainsaw and lets his opponent’s leg off. Dracula hisses in pain and transforms into a bat, he quickly flies away as the man with the mask climbs back into the ring.

Leatherface stands in the ring waiting for Dracula’s next attack, once again he hears something behind him but instead of just turning his head around he spins a full 360 with his chainsaw stretched out, he catches Dracula on the side and tries to saw him in half. Dracula laughs and bites leatherface’s neck causing the chainsaw wielding maniac to back off, he slips on his own blood and lands face up. Dracula levitates again this time horizontal to Leatherface. As the prince of darkness is inches away from feeding once again Leatherface manages to use the last of his strength to swing his faithful chainsaw through the air and take Dracula’s head off in one.
Winner: Leatherface.

After the match Leatherface begins to eat his victim’s flesh. He falls to his knees and transforms into Vampire Leatherface.

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2 thoughts on “Who is the toughest Horror Icon: Match V

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  2. Anthony says:

    This isn’t even a fair fight it would be over in less than a minute Leatherfaces chainsaw would do nothing to Dracula he would just regenerate Dracula would tear Leatjerface apart as he’s only a human the fact you declare Leatjerface the winner is even more laughable.

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