Who is the toughest Horror Icon: Match VI

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July 29, 2013 by jamiehughes2013

For as long as people have been watching horror movies they have been wondering who would win in a fight between the various horror monsters.
Freddy vs Jason, Dracula vs The Wolfman, some of these fights would be quite close with both icons getting injured. Here is a tournament where they need to take their injuries into the next round. Who would win out of Chucky and a Creeper whose arms have been ripped off?

Match VI: Freddy Krueger vs Michael Myers

In the ring lays Michael Myers asleep, occasionally twitching. Boos start to echo around the ring as Norman Bates wonders what to do. He has a eureka moment and quickly calls over one of the assistants and whispers in his ear, a radio request is made and out of nowhere staff appear with trays full of sleeping pills.

The crowd wake up in front of a fight that is already several minutes in. Freddy swipes his razor glove at Michael who stops the move by grabbing his opponent’s wrist, he then jams his knife into Freddy’s shoulder; who yelps in pain and steps back. The pedophile touches his injured shoulder, sees the blood and charges at the man in the William Shatner mask. The two embark in close combat, Freddy uses his speed to get behind Michael and stabs him in the back with his glove. Michael attempts to swing his knife around at Freddy but catches a glove to the face knocking him down and slicing his mask.

Michal lays still, the crowd go silent.

Freddy starts tap dancing and posing for photos with his bloody glove, behind him Michael sits up and gets to his feet. The man in the hat hears a sound behind him and turns around just in time to see Michael stab him in the stomach, Freddy over his head and throws him into the crowd.

Michael follows him into the crowd, sees Freddy has his back to him, spins him around and slashes his throat. The man with the green and red sweater falls down dead face first. Michael stands over him victorious. Freddy’s laughter can be heard from all around Michael. The dead man is rolled over to revel that it is just a man in a Freddy top. Michael looks at the crowd and sees Freddy right in front of him, to the left of him and to the right of him. Michael is surrounded by Freddy clones who all charge at the one man who is not Freddy, all clawing at him with their razor fingers.

Thrown from the middle of the Freddy’s is Michael’s mask, it hits the ground and Norman Bates inspects it to see that Michael’s decapitated head is still inside the white mask.

Winner: Freddy Krueger

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